Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zentangle Rug

Look at this fabulous rug made by Linda Campbell.

Linda was in my first Zentangle class which I taught at the Rawls Museum. She went home and made this rug using canvas, gesso, acrylic, and black paint pens. Look at the Shattuck all around the border. Amazing work! Another person from the class made one too, but I haven't seen hers yet.

I am so impressed with her work. I think I may have to make one of them for myself. I will probably use left over linoleum like I did with the floor cloth in front of my dryer. I've written about that rug in this post. It's an cheap and easy way to make an accent rug. Obviously not meant to be warm and fuzzy...but it sure is easy to clean! This is such a great idea, Linda, thanks for sharing it with us!


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Thanks for sharing that great rug!