Monday, January 17, 2011

Sketchbook 2011

This is my first year participating in the Sketchbook Project. I have to say I have really enjoyed the process. The deadline was actually a good thing for me to deal with, it made me dig in and try harder. I combined some different types of media including photo editing and paint and sharpies. My favorite page is made with acrylic paint and black pen tangles in the shape of a hand. I'm hoping that we can go to the traveling exhibit when it's in Washington DC which is an easy drive from where I live. I have been looking at other sketchbooks on the website and the work is phenomenal. If you are interested in checking it out:
I love the way the Moleskine expands as you add to it. The edges of the pages become so irregular.

Here is my barcode! If you visit the exhibit you can look me up! Number 42119.

I don't know if all artist get attached to their work, but I have had a hard time letting this journal go. I finally got it packed up in the envelope and it's off to the post office tomorrow. It's very exciting to think it will travel all over the country and will hopefully be viewed by lots of people. I have it set up so that everytime some looks at it I get a text on my phone. This is gonna be fun!

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stART said...

How exciting to see your journal. What a great experience this must have been; your work is beautiful.