Monday, May 10, 2010

Life Really Is a Beach!

On Mother's Day the choice was mine. Where should we go and what should we do? I decided I wanted to go for a walk on Grandview Beach to look for sea glass. I wanted to find some nice pieces for a Sea Glass Transfer class I'm taking this month at Art and Soul. The weather was absolutely beautiful and although it's a bit of a hike to get to the beach it's well worth it! I have never been on a beach with such variety of fun stuff to look at and collect. Smooth stones, sea shells, interesting sponges, colorful corals, and of course sea glass.

When you first get to the beach it's a little rough looking. You can't get to the water because of the stumps and growth near the water line. You have to keep walking to get to the good stuff. But really even the stumpy growth was neat to look at, just not to walk on!

We kept walking and got to the part where we could walk down to the water with ease. So the hunt began. Steve and Chris took off at a brisk walk and soon we couldn't see them any more. Meghan and I meandered in a zig zag down the beach. Sometimes at the waters edge and sometimes high up in the soft sand near the sea grass. With our heads down in search of glass. We found beautiful shell linings that look like mica, sheer and gold in color. We found smooth round flat stones great for stacking. And lots of sea glass.

We had the best time just finding things and looking around at the scenery. We saw stone patterns in the sand. This one looked like the wings I draw on my signature! We couldn't figure out if they were man made or if the tide just carried them up and left them in that pattern. I like to think the water left them there.
I was thinking about our day and how Meghan and I took so long to make our way along the beach. Most of the time we were looking straight down, looking at the small details in the sand and focusing on one thing at a time, glass or rocks. We almost walked past a small rock island a short distance off shore without seeing it because we were focused and looking down. I realized a lot of the time that's how I live my life. Always looking at the small details and never taking enough time to look up at the big picture. If we hadn't stopped occasionally to look up and look around, we would have missed some beautiful scenery...the big picture. I really should take more time in my day to reflect on the bigger issues and events in my life. Like most things in life it's all about balance. There is no way to avoid the small details of everyday life. I just need to find a better balance. Take a step back to see the big picture and enjoy the scenery or it will all pass me by.
Sometimes it seems just a blink of an eye between my kids being babies and being teenagers now. The small details fill up each day in a frenzy and before you know it the time is gone. I'm setting a goal for myself to slow it down and enjoy the view. Our day at Grandview was one of those occasions...time with my family, slow it down, soak it up and enjoy the view. Enjoy those conversations in the car and at the dinner table. Because in the next blink they will be gone...adults with families of their own.

As far as a beach walk is concerned, there is something to be said for looking down at what's right in front of you from time to time...there are jewels just waiting to be found.

All photos on this page were taken by Meghan Garrity.