An evening of creative fun with friends.

Here’s the idea: Gather a group of friends in the comfort of your home. Pop open some wine or the beverage of your choice and get busy being creative. You choose the project; I bring the supplies and the know how to teach you and your friends how to create something handmade or something artsy. Sound like fun? It is! Think you aren’t an artist or even slightly creative? That’s okay because you will be by the end of the night. Cr8t-Eves are all about the experience. There is no judgment and no final grade. Everyone will go home with something handmade and memories of a great night! So leave those worries behind and find your creative side.

How it works: The hostess for the evening gets the class for free. Everyone else will pay $15 to cover supplies and instruction. Have a group of friends who get together often? Take turns hosting and get even more creative!

How it compares: You wouldn't be able to do dinner with drinks or a movie with snacks for $15 AND you get to take home something handmade by you!
Choose one of these creative adventures:
Gelli Plate – Monoprinting gone wild! Once you start you can’t stop. The Gelli Plate is a gelatinous (sounds gross but totally isn’t) plate that you roll paint on.  Then use stencils and patterned objects to make impressions in the paint. You pull prints off the plate like a printing press. I’ll bring lots of fun stencils and texture tools to play with and we will print on paper, cardstock and deli paper. Once we have some paper to play with I will show you what you can make with all those fun painted papers.   
Zentangle - Ready to have a fun and relaxing evening? This art form is perfect for a Zen evening at home. Relax with friends as you learn to draw repetitive patterns that are complex looking but are deceptively easy to draw.  Sandy Bartholemew calls it “Yoga for the Brain”. So come prepared to stretch those brain cells and get creative!
Wine cork key chain- We will use wine corks, charms, and buttons to make several key chains. These are fun to give as gifts but make sure you keep one for yourself! If you have special corks and/or buttons you would like to use feel free to bring them. This one requires the use of a drill…POWERTOOLS! WOOT! 

Creative Composition- We will take a composition notebook and turn it into a work of art! Using paper, paint and other elements you will create a mixed media collage for the front and back covers as well as an interior pocket. We will assemble all the pieces into a beautiful notebook that you can use as a journal or with a few additions you can turn it into a planner.

Inky Silk Scarves – This one is so simple and fun you won’t believe how pretty the scarves are when we finish. We’ll use Sharpie markers and alcohol to create a beautifully dyed scarf.  The design is up to you! The dye can be heat set by putting the scarf in the dryer on high for 15 minutes.
Painted Floorcloth – This is an upcycled project, my favorite kind! We will take linoleum and paint it with designs and pictures of your choice. You will end up with a painted floorcloth to put in front of your kitchen sink or anywhere in your house you like!
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