Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinterest---Love ya!

Wow! I think I have found the perfect tool for surfing the web and saving trees (because I will never buy another magazine).  It's name is Pinterest (  You create boards for different topics of interest.  Just about everyone I know has a food board...funny how we all gravitate towards food.  Anyhow, you create your boards and download the PinMarklet which is a button on your browser bar.  So now as you are surfing the web and find an beautiful photograph or a great recipe you can "pin" it to your board.  What's even more fun?  Looking at other people's boards and pin stuff from those. You can follow people or just certain boards you like. 

It's so much fun to see all the amazing things out there.  The fabulously creative and inspiring people. And when I'm down and feeling blue I go to the humor category and it never fails before long I'm busting out laughing at the ridulous and hilarious things people have posted.  I've noticed many from the Zentangle community are on Pinterest so it's another great way to stay connected to fellow tanglers. 

What's really amazing it that it allows you to connect with people you would never have met in person or may have even met and had no idea you had so much in common.  I have come across people with the exact same sense of humor, it sounds so minor but that feeling of "Hey someone out there really gets me...and they don't even know me!" is pretty amazing.  Especially, when sadly we probably all have people who have been in our lives a very long time that never really get us. 

I will warn you that Pinterest is very addictive and you can possibly lose hours of time to pinning.  So you may want to set limits for yourself! But I can also tell you that you will be inspired by the art you see and the community you will build. And if you're like me you will save a bundle on magazines because it's all out there on the web! When you get on look me up, I'll follow you!