About Me

I'm Sarah Jane Garrity a native of Newport News, VA. I am a full time educator, a full time mom and a full time artist. The math on that never works out but somehow it all gets done eventually. My kids are adults now so it gives me more time for my art, which is nice. I'm a mixed media artist and upcycler. I love to dabble and experiment. Sometimes that gets me into trouble and sometimes that leads me to the best discoveries. I am also a Certified Zentangle Trainer who loves to teach everyone how to tangle. The students at both of the elementary schools where I work are my most enthusiastic tanglers.

I spend my month off from school in Manteo, NC selling upcycled art and useful items at the Farmer's Market in Downtown Manteo. So if you are ever in OBX in July come over and see me, the market runs from 8am until 12pm each Saturday. If you are an artist as well, the art community in Manteo and OBX at large is fantastic!

Creativity is my passion. I believe there is an artist in each of us just trying to come out. Everyone's artist is different and may not look like the typical "art" of the mainstream. But that creativity is in there! Allowing yourself to be creative, in whatever form you chooose, can and will improve all areas of your life. I firmly believe this and have made it my personal goal to help people realize their creative potential. Read the quote on the left side of my page. It's my inspiration. A quote that plays in my head whenever I doubt myself or my art.

So I invite you to join me on my journey as I find my way in the world of art. Come along and "be party to the exuberant chaos of invention".

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