Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shining a Light on Zentangle

I love interior design, enough that several years ago I got my certification as an interior decorator. I've never done any work on a professional level, only on a friend level. I love when my friends ask for help picking out paint and deciding on furniture. I have redecorated my own home several times since we moved in and am always looking for new ideas. I enjoy looking at modern design, though it isn't something I use much in my own home. I do love the simple, clean lines of the style. I'm a big fan of Thomaspaul, his graphic designs on dishes and other home decor is just wonderful.

Anyhow, I really like this one site called 2modern. I know it's weird, but I can't get enough of the out of the ordinary chair and lighting designs. Stig Hanson designs lights that are made out of interlocking shapes cut from plastic. You have to assemble the pieces and there are different configurations you can do. As I'm looking at this light thinking how I'd love to have one... it hits me. It's a three dimensional Zentangle! Each plastic piece looks sort of like an inverted Cadent.

Then I remembered finding a lighting company online a couple of years ago, before discovering Zentangle, that designs lights that cast shadows on the wall. The company is called Sha-Do. They really are the neatest lights I've seen. The shadows are very "tangley" in nature. Be sure to look through all the different sections including Virus and Tripes.

How much fun would it be to have lights in your home like these. Just imagine if you could draw out a design for them to cut for you! Which tangle(s) would you choose?

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