Friday, July 18, 2014

Finding a Global Solution

Today I found the solution for a global issue. I'm sure my family will be very relieved! What global issue you ask? Well for the last four weeks my house has been over run with globes. I rescued them from a dumpster destination and brought them home about a month ago. I have plans for them, really I do! In the meantime how the heck do I store them so they aren't in the way. I started by taking the globes off the stands, then Steve helped me get the two pieces of the stand apart so the rings and the footing can be stored flat. But what the heck to do with all those globes? Some have been cut in half as part of the process for what I'll be making. But the others I wanted to leave whole. I've had the idea of hanging them but how and where? Today in a moment of clarity inspiration struck! So here is my solution and if I may say so myself it gives my studio another layer of weirdness which you know I love! A perfect mixture of decor and storage.
Globes on top of the shelves in the living room.
And on these shelves.
And in the hallway and dining room too!
Take a small binder clip and squeeze the metal loop together so you can remove it from the clip.

You are going to use that part of the clip to make the hanger for the globe.

Squeeze the sides together using a pair of needle nose pliers and insert the metal "feet" into the hole on the top of the globe.

Cut a piece of ribbon to the desired length and insert it into your hanger.

Tie the globes to the curtain rod and viola you are done!
Once I start completing the globe projects I promise to post them. Globes are awesome for craft projects!

Monday, July 7, 2014

A DLP-Stencil Girl Blog Hop

I am loving the Documented Life Project! If you haven't joined in yet I highly recommend you do. They posted the other day that they plan to continue in 2015, which I was very excited to hear. This week one of my favorite stencil sites, Stencil Girl Products and the ladies from DLP have paired up for a blog hop! You can check it out here Art to the 5th and here Stencil Girl Talk. Lots of wicked talked people between those two sites and a sale on stencils! The posts will feature one of the 5 ladies from Art to the 5th showing how they use a stencil from Stencil Girl in their DLP journal. And since I haven't posted recently here are a few photos of my DLP journal.