Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's on your windowsill?

I sometimes think you can learn a lot about a person based on what is on the windowsill in their kitchen. Is it crammed with whatever? Decorated? Empty? Think about it. Does your windowsill have the same things on it your mom's windowsill did? Did you learn that was what people keep there by her example or did her windowsill drive you crazy so now you do something totally different.

I'm not sure what it says about me, but mine is a combination of utilitarian and decorative. I have a collection of old glass bottles that I love. So I keep them on the windowsill organizing them in pleasing arrangements and using them by turns as flower containers or a place to dry my brushes. I happen to like the look of the brushes in the window. It's kind of decorative and at the same time reminds me that I have recently found time in my busy schedule to do the thing I love...art.

One of the jars always contains loose change. You can pretty much tell the financial tides of the month with this jar. The rest of the sill is kind of messy with the collected clutter of the season...a smooth stone I like to pick up and hold in my hand sometimes just because it reminds me that time changes things as much as it keeps things the same. Right now a small collection of shells also sits on the sill. A sign that it's summer and that Meghan hasn't put them away in whatever nook in her room that is, by now, overflowing with shells from many beaches. There is also a tomato sitting there....this was definitely something my mom did. It has something to do with letting them ripen I think. But anytime a get a tomato from someone it goes on the sill.

Feel free to post links to pictures of your windowsills here...I'd love to see what your windowsill says about you!

Monday, July 12, 2010

To Market, To Market

Manteo's Waterfront Farmer's Market...fresh produce, baked goods and art. Hello, does it get any better?

I did not purchase any of the fresh produce even though it looked fabulous. However, the baked goods and art are another matter. Life is an adventure so why not try the weird foods, the stuff you never heard of before. So at a baked goods stand Meghan and I bought some lemon and lavender cookies. I know! Sounds strange...I mean isn't lavendar something you stick in your closet and drawers so your clothes smell nice? Or spray on your pillow so you get a good nights sleep? Well, apparently you can also eat it in a cookie! I have to admit I was expecting it to taste like a mouthful of potpourri...but it was delicious!

Lots of great art. Sea glass jewelry, bags, beaded jewelry, wrist/ankle bands and some cool stuff by the art guild. One of the really neat things we saw were journals made from board games and old books. I was thinking of making some with watercolor paper inside so I could art journal with them. We saw some really pretty and unique items.

I did buy some joint support herbal salve from my favorite herbal remedy shop called Sea Willow Herbs. I year ago I purchased some muscle salve from them and it was the only thing that worked on my shoulder and arm pain. It feels marvelous, smell fabulous and works on the pain!! She has an Etsy shop now so you can check these products out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/seawillowherbs .

I have to say, I love a farmer's market. The stuff is unique, the people are friendly and there is lots of free air to breathe. If you are headed to OBX this summer check out the Manteo Waterfront market, it's worth the short drive. And if you are planning a staycation instead...do a search on Google for farmer's markets in your area!

Sidenote:I came to realize on our trip to Manteo why I can't eat the tomatos we buy in the store. I'm convinced they are cardboard replicas of the real thing. Three tomatos out of my dad's backyard and I was transported back in time to when my mom grew tomatoes in our yard. Red, juicy, full of flavor slices of lycopene heaven. Slice them and top with a sprinkle of sea salt and fresh pepper....yum. Do not spoil the flavor with mayo or bread (although I ate my share of those delicious sandwiches my mom made). I'm thinking next year we will be growing some maters in our yard!