Saturday, February 7, 2015

You Know it's all about the Face!

Learning to draw faces. Something I've tried before but failed miserably at each time. Partly because I just didn't know how and partly because I gave up.  Until I found a video by Dina Wakley that showed me step by step what I needed to do. So I set a goal for myself. I wouldn't stop until I had drawn 15 faces and if after 15 faces I still felt I just wasn't very good at this then so be it. One of the dangers of watching artist demo videos is you watch someone do this thing that they have done a lot and you expect yourself to be able to do it the first time out. That's just not how it works. Practice makes progress.

So I started drawing faces. My first couple of faces were kind of scary, I even ripped one up so I wouldn't have nightmares. The other bad ones I kept but I'm pretty sure two of them will be extra's on the season premier of Walking Dead this coming Sunday. But I kept drawing faces and I actually started to like what I saw. I made myself put my faces on the refrigerator in my kitchen to publicly announce my lack of fear at attacking this goal. Okay not that big of a deal cause I only have a few people in the house, but still. Then I posted one as the banner on my Facebook page.Then another as a post on my Facebook page and someone actually asked if it was for sale!!! Talk about encouraging!

Anyhow I'm still working on this. I can only draw them straight on and the shading is sometimes a little off but I feel so good. Like I've achieved another milestone in my journey as an artist. Thank you Dina Wakley for being one of my muses and for teaching me to draw faces!

Here are a few of them, Try to guess which one I call the Zombie, which one I call 5 o'clock shadow and which one I call the Alien.  It's all about the progress people! Don't give up even if the faces you draw scare you!

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Dina said...

Wonderful progression. You are doing awesome! Keep it up!