Thursday, January 22, 2015

Too bad I can't blog backwards

So let's catch up instead: Still working on my art and upcycling all kinds of stuff. Currently collecting over 200 wine bottles and taking the labels off. This is a slightly time consuming but free way for me to have something to edge my landscaping with.  I recently bought myself a rock tumbler and I've been tumbling my own glass for window projects. I scored a couple hundred PE LPs from a PE teacher and created a tablet stand and some other items by melting the LPs.  So I've been very busy but no so busy I couldn't have posted on my blog! I'm always so impressed by people who blog regularly.

I was published in the fall in Green Craft magazine! I was SO excited. I still am actually. It's amazing how validated it made me feel. I have always wanted to add a little magazine cover over on the side of my blog...and now I have one! Wooohooo!

Right now I am learning how to draw faces. I watched Dina Wakely's video on how to draw a face and have challenged myself to draw and paint a face each day for 15 days. Each face I make is a little easier and I've even gotten better I think at the painting part which is really hard for me for some reason. I'll start posting pictures on here as well as over on my Facebook page so you can see my progress as well.

I'm also doing Documented Life Project again and Inspiration Wednesdays with Donna Downey.  I have so many art muses and I learn so much from all of them!

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