Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stencil Girl Stencils

I have become a stencil addict. This is not a good thing when you are getting ready to have two kids in college! Stencils are so much fun because the possibilities for how you use them in your art are limitless. You can use them for backgrounds, adding texture with modeling paste, use parts of them as other things...okay I'll stop the Bubba Gump stencil list.

Along the way I discovered a great stencil store called Stencil Girl. They have fabulous designs, a nice variety of sized and good prices. But the REALLY cool thing is you can join their club. When you join you get a special set of stencils sent to you each month, not for sale to anyone else. You get access to a special Facebook page and tutorials done by the artist who created the stencil. It's lots of fun and there is a really nice community of artists on the Facebook page. Check them out at and consider joining the club!

For Creative Jump Start 2014 I created this journal spread using my December stencil club stencil 4x4 by Mary Beth Shaw to add the breeze blowing by the birds in the background. The bird is a stamp I made and I used the method of stamping on my Gelli Plate from my last post on them. I used something I don't normally use...glitter paint. But it added a nice layer of dimension I think. The paint was from Martha Stewart. I do like her paints and this was an accidental glitter buy, but I've liked using it.


Maria McGuire said...

LOVE your art journal page Sarah! Thanks for entering our giveaway on Creative Jumpstart!

StencilGirl Products

lehtipollo said...

They have a club? Oh dear, I'm a total stencil addict too and feeling a sudden urge to join... Lovely page! And you *made* that stamp? Awesome!

Jamie Lynn said...

Great use of that stencil Love it!

here from CJS2014 StencilGirl link page

Nathalie Kalbach said...

Love this so much- beautiful entry! Thank you for being part of CJS2014!