Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Gelli Plate Has an Alter Ego

Once again I feel the need to start with the fact that I LOVE my Gelli plate. It is more artsy fun than should be legal and on several occasions has gotten me into commitment trouble. The ones where you show up 20 minutes late for a meeting with a lame excuse because, "I completely lost track of time playing on my Gelli plate:" isn't going to fly in a group of people who don't understand what a Gelli plate is much less the magnetic properties it possesses.

This very thing happened yesterday after work. I got home and wanted to make a quick video on a technique I discovered over Christmas holiday. But instead I played and ended up late for a meeting. But as soon as I got home I was back out in the studio to make the tutorial. A very frustrating attempt at making a tutorial because my camera kept disconnecting. But I was finally able to get it done.

The video includes a foam stamp that I made myself. It's such a simple stamp but I'm silly proud of it. I love paintings and mixed media that feature birds on a wire. I'm not sure why I just do. But for some reason when I try to draw them they never look right. I can't ever get the proportions right. So as one of my goals I want to get better at sketching stuff. I plan to take a few online classes to help with that. I thought for now I'll start simple I will learn to draw birds on a wire. DETERMINATION. So I found this photo online and have been using the birds in it to practice. Practice makes perfect...and I'm not there yet but I am getting better and I think that stamp I made is pretty good.

I hope that you enjoy the technique in the video and give it a try. The possiblities are endless! Have fun getting painty!

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Genevieve said...

This is brilliant! I don't use stamps much precisely because of the problems you described. I feel new horizons opening in my artwork. Thanks for sharing!