Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Haul and a Personal Goal

I love the Re-Store! It's fun to just go in and look around at what's been brought in and to find things you can use to make into something else.  I found some cool stuff the last time I went. I've set a goal to make something with each of the items I bought on my last hall. Some things were for projects I've wanted to work on and some I just knew I could find a purpose for! Here is my haul...
I'll blog about my projects as I do them.  The first thing I've done with my haul is to use the gutter guard as a mask/stencil for some of my mixed media stuff.  I cut off a square and tried it out. Worked so well! Yay!


This will be fun to use and cost me next to nothing to make.  I saved the rest of it for a larger mask to use when I paint the linoleum I also bought on this trip to the Re-Store. I have more to share in my next post.  Until then, be creative everyday!

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