Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kids and Zentangle

Wow! Zentangle has been a huge success with the students at the elementary school where I work.  I have a group of third graders and a group of 4th graders going already. And in two weeks I'll do two weeks of classes with each of the fifth grade classrooms.  I love the enthusiasm they bring to Zentangle.  They just LOVE it.

The other day one of the third graders who has been tangling for several months now, and is proudly the best at remembering all the tangle names, stopped me in the hallway and pulled me into his class because he just had to show me something.  Out of his desk he pulls a black and white composition notebook.  He holds it up to me and says "Look Mrs. Garrity, my notebook has Keeko ALL over it!"  Instead of the random spackle look of a regular composition notebook, sure enough the design was Keeko!

In the fourth grade class I've worked with we were learning two new tangles to practice.  I love Ahh!.  It's really fun to teach in elementary school because you can connect it to the Social Studies curriculum.  When I teach it I say the cardinal directions for each line as I draw, and the kids know them from map skills so it helps them to understand where the lines go.  Once I get them started I walk around the room checking out their work.  One of the boys stopped me and said "Mrs. Garrity, Ahh is ahhsome!".

I love the fact that this art form gives everyone young or old the opportunity to be an artist!

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