Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring is Here!

Spring has arrived. She came to my studio just this week. Yes, I know Spring started on March 20th. But her representative, also named Spring, found me at Tuesday Morning and came home with me. She looks great with one of my background pieces behind her, doesn't she? She now resides on my desk and reminds me of all things spring-ish.

This is my favorite season. I love the weather and the feeling of new beginnings. It's like everything is in a refresh mode. Trees are greening, flowers are blooming, and everyone is sprucing up their homes. The only thing I don't like is the pollen. It's on everything, in my eyes and making my sinuses go crazy. It rises from the streets in plums as cars drive by.

I'm excited to say I have completed a piece for a friend who just moved into a new place. I was inspired by an article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors by Jenn Mason (she is also a CPS editor). So I went to work yesterday and completed it today. I'm happy to have my hands in the paint again. It's been a long dry spell with little creativity except for the theater sort. I was one of the chairwomen for the Dinner Theater production held by the Junior Women's Club of Hilton Village. So I got to reconnect with my theater background which was a lot of fun. But I really found I was missing my art and working in my studio to create. I have been so busy with all the other things in my life and have made little time for my art. But it's Spring Break and I found the time! Yay!

I was so busy I missed an issue of CPS! I can't believe it, I never do that! Also, in this current issue of CPS is a reader challenge called "Fly Your Creative Flag". I will definitely be participating in that challenge!

I'm also in the count down stage for Art and Soul which is May 20-24. I haven't even started making trades. I have some ideas and may have to scale back some in order to get them done. The theme this year is Wonderland so the trades will be fun I'm sure. I'm not taking as many classes, I wish I could take more. But the ones I'm taking sound so good.

I hope this re-birth of art in my life stays around for longer than just Spring!

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