Sunday, February 22, 2009


This weekend has been girls weekend in Nags Head. Loads of laughs and lots of shopping. I finally was able to catch the Art Council in Manteo open. I added another piece to my Art O Mat collection. The Art O Mat is a refurbished cigarette machine that depenses art instead of cigarettes. They are located all over the place. The link for the website is included in my list of favorite sites on this blog.

I was inspired by the work I saw at the Art Council. They have a very nice collection of pieces there, including some assemblage work which you don't normally see. Of course I couldn't escape without opening my wallet. I bought two lovely glass pieces by a bead artist. I got a necklace and a pair of earrings. The art of making those glass beads is really amazing. It is something I would like to try but it looks so hard to do. I just don't get how they keep if from turning into a ugly blob of glass. Here is the artists website. Her work is great.

I brought my art journal with me to work on if the mood struck (and of course it did). I completed just one page and doodled on a second page. It really is fun to work in an art journal because it will never be published. It's a great place for me to work on my need for perfection and to try to let it go and just let it be.

So here we are early on Sunday morning, with rain drops dripping from the sky, and the beach is still a beautiful place. I'm looking out the back door of the cottage where there is a small view of the ocean wondering what treasures I might find on the shore if I were to take a walk on the wet sand. But then again there is something to be said about the mystery of possibilities...and inside it's dry, the coffee is hot and the realities of daily life are just around the corner...I think I'll just stay put.


Anonymous said...

Hello My Invisible Muse!
I'm the Assistant Director of DCAC, and Clark forwarded me a link to your blog.
Your timing for visiting the Gallery was perfection. I just had the pleasure of meeting Clark Thursday of last week- he was down to get our Art-O-Mat filled, shined and working like a champ, so that your Art-O-Mat experience could be first rate!
I would love to add a link to your blog to our DCAC facebook page, and maybe our website (currently under reconstructive surgery). What do you think? I'm thinking other art lovers would love to hear what you have to say.

Muse2Me said...

Hey! Thanks! You are absolutely welcome to link to my blog. Though I haven't kept up with it very well, I have plans to do better! I loved my piece that I got that day from the Art O Mat. I felt like it was meant for me...the artist is Italian and the writing is all in Italian which it just so happens I speak (though a bit on the rusty side these days). I plan to visit you all again when I'm down visiting my dad next. I will look for you all on Facebook and check out your website as soon as it up and ready!