Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blog = Conversation with Self

Trying to think of something profound I have to share with the world...okay I got nothing. When I try to think of something to write about in my first ever blog, a rush of ideas flood my brain. But since I can't write about all of them at once I need to choose just one...okay nothing again. I think the problem is that this is supposed to be a journal online kind of thing, but I'm starting in the middle (of my life) and there is so much that came before. What I would really like to do is just share the things I see that inspire me. The ideas I see that I think are cool, online and off. And perhaps connect with some Kindred Spirits (gotta love Anne of Green Gables). So what if I ramble from one idea or thought to the next? No one will probably read this thing but me. What is that saying "Every journey begins with just one step" so I guess every blog begins with just one word. So I'm guessing my blog will be a sort of modge podge of rambling reflections about everything and nothing, which is pretty much how my thoughts run anyhow.

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Billie Frances said...

You have to start somewhere, Sarah, and this was a great start! You write very well! Very interesting. I am proud of you!